Allen Cooper Safety Shoe High Ankle 82102 AC-1144, DIP-PU Sole, S.Toe Cap for 200 Joules, ISI Marked

Brand Name :     Allen Cooper

Model Number :   82102_1144BLK

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This High Ankle Safety Shoe is made with Barton print genuine leather upper for breathabilty during long hours of work and tough working conditions. Directly Injected Full Black Colour Double Density PU sole, moisture wicking lining, Steel Toe Cap to withstand impact resistance over 200 Joules.


Allen Cooper

Make / Model and Style Number

82102 AC-1144


Ankle Boot Derby

Certification and Standardisation

ISI Marked for IS:15298-Part(II)


Buff CG Barton Print Genuine Leather


Double Density PU Sole by DIP


Non Woven Insole


Cambrelle Insocks laminated on EVA

Quarter Lining

Cambrelle - Moisture wicking, breathable non woven fabric

Vamp Lining

Non Woven fabric

Safety Toe Cap

Steel Toe Cap (ISI / CE standards) 200 J

Impact Resistance

200 Joules - Can withstand impact impact energy of at least 200 J ± 4 J as per IS:15298 Part-II and EN ISO 20344

Electrical Properties

Antistatic footwear


Direct Injection Process

Shoe Design

Ankle Boot - Design-B (IS: 15298 Part-II)

Upper Height

113 to 178 depending on the design (Size 8: height may vary for other sizes)


Size-8 : 1200 gms Appx (Weight of other sizes may vary)


Oil, Acid and Alkali Resistant

Heat Resistance

Upto 120 Degree C

Additional Features

Cleated Sole, Anti Skid




One Year for Sole Cracking


Allen Copper is the flagship brand of super house group, a truly Indian multinational company with presence in more than 35 countries with an pride of being awarded as the best leather exporter of the country for consecutive 3 years in a row, from the desk of our honourable president of India and from the ministry of industrial affairs. The brand Allen cooper has a vast legacy of manufacturing and exporting of quality leather footwear, safety shoes, sports shoes, fashion and utility products and accessories such as belts, bags, wallets, portfolio bags, trolley bags and many more such customer satisfaction and need driven utility products.

All Allen cooper safety shoes are made out of genuine leather uppers, moisture wicking lining, anti skid properties, strong laces and ISI mark as standard features.

This high ankle safety shoe 82102 AC-1144 is made with Barton print genuine leather upper for breathability during long hours of work and tough working conditions. Directly injected full black colour double density pu sole, moisture wicking lining, steel toe cap to withstand impact resistance over 200 joules, anti skid design, antistatic properties, padded collar and d-rings for speed lacing are some of the unique features of this model of safety shoes.

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