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The International Council of Hides Skins and Leather Traders Associations

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international council of hides, skins and leather traders associations

The International Council of Hides, Skins and Leather Traders Associations, ICHSLTA, represents the interests of the hide, skin and and leather trades of more than thirty countries. It is the only international recognised body of it's kind.
Founded in 1929 as a non-political organisation, it's principal object is the promotion, development and protection of the international trade in raw hides, skins and leathers. It's success is reflected in the growing number of member countries. 

Central to the work of the council is the drafting, publishing and constant revision of the international series of contracts which ensure the integrity of the trade, affording both maximum protection to both buyers and sellers. In this work ICHSLTA negotiates regularly with the International Council of Tanners to ensure accord on an unbiased set of rules for the civilised and fair conduct of the trade internationally.

The contract is revised regularly to meet changing world developments and is used internationally as well as domestically within national markets. Since inception more than sixty years ago the International Contracts have been upheld by International Courts of Law and Chambers of Arbitration. 

The Council provides assistance to it's members in arbitration matters. Hide and skin improvement and careful consideration of enviromental issues are vital fields of concern to the Council. 

The Council sets out guidlines and gives advice on production , grading and marketing to improve reliability and understanding throughout the world. In these directions the Council acts both independently or in conjunction with national trade associations and with other internationally recognised bodies.

The Council meetings provide a forum for discussions on the trade and related interests so that individual members can be made aware of those events and trends in world trade which affect the leather industry. In addition the Council provides members with the acclaimed and important, international, commercial contract forms. 

Finally, membership of the Council is seen as conferring on it's members reputability and commercial status internationally.

The objects for which the Council is established are:

  • To promote and organise joint action by all or any of the Associations already formed or hereinafter to be formed in any part of the world for the purpose of promoting, developing and protecting the trade in Hides, Skins and Leather. To support and protect the character, status and interests of persons engaged in the trade, (hereinafter called "the Trade") in all parts of the world and to make such actions as may be necessary or may be deemed expedient to protect all or any such interests, provided that no part of the funds of the Council shall be applied in making contributions to or assisting any Company, Association or body formed on carrying on business for purpose or gain.

  • To secure mutual support and co-operation in dealing with all matters or questions affecting the general and common interests of the trade, including therein questions arising from State Legislation, or from Railway, Shipping, Air Freight, Insurance or Labour proposals or conditions.

  • To communicate with any Goverment, Chamber of Commerce or other Mercantile or Public Body, and to co-operate with them or any other Institution, Association, Company, Firm or person for any purpose useful to the Trade. 

  • To collect and disseminate in their direction, statistics and other information relating to such Trade, Commerce and Manufactures. 

  • To establish in the Trade uniformity in commercial usages, more especially with regard to forms of Contract, Charter Parties, Bills of Lading. Policies of Insurance and other documents connected with the Trade, and to formulate, settle and approve and from time to time circulate equitable and convenient forms of Contract and any other documents which may be of use to the Trade and as far as possible to promote the voluntary adoption of any such contracts or other documents by members of the trade generally, provided that no obligation shall be imposed to adopt any such contracts or other documents that may be approved by the Council but that such adoption and observance shall be voluntary only. 


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