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C.M.C.I. Srl, Italy

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C.M.C.I. Srl, Italy

C.M.C.I. Srl. has been operating in the innovative sector of the construction of industrial sewing machine, since 1976.

The Company produces and sells high - technology machines for the footwear and leather- goods sector, so it bases its development on the realization of machines always in the van and it is able to satisfy the customers' requirements.
C.M.C.I. Srl. is one of the few companies located in the most important footwear district of Italy, the Marche Region, where more than 2.500 shoe manufacturing units are concentrated.

C.M.C.I,'s product line accounts for more than 15 models , each of them with about four different sewing modes and each devoted to a specific sewing performance: such as tubular moccasin, dummy moccasin, ornamental seams for ideal, California, St Crispin, Opanka, sole boxes/hull sole, welts, salpa & leather & TR, PVC, etc,

C.M.C.I is one of the few companies operating in the most important footwear district in Italy; since 1992 it has introduced, with excellent results, the electronic in the construction of footwear and leather goods machines as the F2000/95, the unique to have two independent work fields of considerable dimensions and the M90 -C-B for the computerized programming of the curling in the original tubular moccasin.

C.M.C.I. Srl. 
Via dell'Industria, 11
Tel. +39 0734 640275  Fax +39 0734 640247

Source: Submitted by CMCI Srl

Posted On 13.12.2007


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C.M.C.I. Srl, Italy