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November 17, 2018

Assomac National Association of Italian Manufacturers of Footwear, Leathergoods and Tannery Machines

ASSOMAC is the association that represents the Italian manufacturers of machines for the shoe, leathergoods and tannery industries.

The companies that belong to ASSOMAC are world leaders and supply over 50% of the world demand for shoe and leathergoods machines, and over 80% of the demand for tannery machines.

In the year 2001, 126 countries acquired Italian technology; the overall volume of business - 60% of which was export business - amounted to almost 700 million euro. The wide, articulated range of machines offered on the market meets the needs of each phase or cycle of the so-called LEATHER AREA manufacturing system. In Italy, all the components of this integrated system are represented by technology producers, tanneries, accessory and component manufacturers, shoe manufacturers, leathergoods manufacturers and a ramified commercial structure. This system provides the vital input for 22 thousand companies that employ 220 thousand people and do an annual business of 22 billion dollars, 14 of which is export business.

ASSOMAC's job is to look after the interests of the companies that it represents, and to promote appropriate support initiatives in every area of their activity.

Besides its institutional role, the association also provides guidelines for the harmonic evolution of the industries that it represents, in keeping with the transformations taking place in the international markets.

The object of ASSOMAC's strategy is to:

  • consolidate its acquired leadership at the international level;

  • promote the spreading of a modern company culture;

  • favour global innovation, especially as concerns technology, safety, compatibility and quality;

  • intervene at the commercial level for effectively internationalizing companies by developing marketing structures that are adequate for the specific requests coming from each country.

ASSOMAC's activities include:

  • organizing the world's two most prestigious technological events: SIMAC and TANNING -TECH;

  • the promotion of training courses;

  • the carrying out of feasibility studies for restructuring or creating new manufacturing sites;

  • the producing of publications (training booklets, marketable goods repertories).

Of equal importance is the association's dedication to the development of new international instruments for identifying and certifying machine technical characteristics that represent the indispensable requisite for defining the concept of "safety", and, implicitly, the protecting of the quality of life on the job.

ASSOMAC has permitted Italy to acquire the European Union presidency and secretariat of the "European Technical Committee" (TC 200 and TC 201) for the elaboration of European safety norms.

In the alliance and aggregation system, ASSOMAC has identified new growth occasions by developing, among other things, excellent collaboration relationships at the international level with governments, agencies and public and private organizations in various countries. ASSOMAC regularly collaborates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its embassies, with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the National Foreign Trade Institute with which it collaborates each year to prepare a promotional program for the sector, which is actuated on the various world markets.

Overcoming the conflict logic, ASSOMAC has also favored collaboration at the international level with European partners by helping to create the preconditions for constituting the European Federation of Associations of the shoe, leathergoods and tannery machine industries whose objective it is to realize a proper European technological pole.


Davide Catena
National Association of Italian Manufacturers of 
Footwear, Leathergoods and Tannery Machines

Via Matteotti, 4/A - P.O.Box 113 - 27029 Vigevano (PV) 
Tel. +39-0381-78883 r.a. Fax +39-0381-88602

Source: Website

Posted On 25.10.2007

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