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A.N.C.I. - Associazione Nazionale Calzaturifici Italiani, The Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers

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A.N.C.I. - Associazione Nazionale Calzaturifici Italiani
The Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers

A.N.C.I. - The National Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers - groups together Italian footwear manufacturers.

Approximately 1,000 industrial enterprises belong to the Association. The turnover produced by the member companies represents approximately 70% of the overall Italian footwear production.

The purpose of A.N.C.I. is to examine, support and promote projects of an economical, technical and scientific nature in the interest of the shoe industry and to represent the same on all institutional levels.

The association is particularly dedicated to promoting the category on the most important foreign markets in order to ensure the good image and the presence of Italian footwear which is renown for its creativity, style, original design and precision workmanship of an artisan nature, as well as for the use of carefully selected materials.

A.N.C.I. Servizi S.r.l. is the association's own services company through which it organises the MICAM Shoevent, the leading world-wide footwear exhibition.

The aims of A.N.C.I. include:

* To safeguard the overall interests of the shoe industry in all sectors and to represent the industry before Italian and foreign authorities and financial organisations.

* To handle trade-union relations for the sector, to discuss and sign collective labour contracts and follow the various stages of interpretation and application as well as representing the shoe industry in issues concerning trade-union activities.

* To promote and develop professional training.

* To organise events and promote debates, projects and agreements aimed at progressively improving the technical, economical and cultural aspects of the industry and its employees.

* To promote market research in markets that supply the raw materials and the finished goods outlet markets, with focus on foreign markets, by proposing joint research and promotional activities.

* To promote and co-ordinate activities that influence shoe trends in order to defend the good name of the Italian product world-wide.

* To make Italian footwear well known and increase its distribution by promoting, organising and taking part in trade fairs, exhibitions and industrial and commercial conventions both in Italy and in foreign countries, and by encouraging and facilitating the participation of member companies in these events.

* To assist members both in Italy and in foreign countries in any difficulties of a general nature, to help in resolving disputes between members and third parties and to promote agreements aimed at improving the production sector.

* To examine technical, economical, fiscal, customs, contributory etc. problems that may arise regarding the Italian shoe industry in order to ascertain the needs of member companies and to collaborate in real terms with the relative Organisations and Institutions responsible for issuing the relative provisions.

* To collaborate with National and Foreign Organisations that share the same goals and in particular promote, maintain and handle liaisons with E.U. organisations and other International bodies. 

A.N.C.I. - Associazione Nazionale Calzaturifici Italiani

A.N.C.I. - Associazione Nazionale Calzaturifci Italiani
Via Monte Rosa, 21 - 20149 Milano, ITALY
Tel. +39 02 438291
Fax. + 39 02 48005833


A.N.C.I. - Associazione Nazionale Calzaturifici Italiani - All rights reserved
Source: ANCI Website

Posted On 31.08.2008

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A.N.C.I. - Associazione Nazionale Calzaturifici Italiani, The Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers