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The first news about SIMAC and TANNING TECH

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The first news about SIMAC and Tanning Tech
Press Release from Davide Catena at Assomac

Vigevano, Friday 25 July 2008
The 2008 Simac and Tanning Tech fair will take place from the 28 - 30 October, at Bologna's traditional exhibition center. These will take place at the same time as Lineapelle, the exhibition for producers of leathergoods, accessories and components. 

The total area of the exhibition (judging by bookings received by mid-July) is 18,500m2, and will occupy 5 of the usual pavilions, as follows:

Pavilion 31: Injection molding machines;

Pavilion 32: Chemical products;

Pavilion 33: Machines for footwear and leather products;

Pavilion 34: Machines for footwear and leather products;

Pavilion 35: Machines for the tanning industry.

The exhibition will be similar to those held in previous years. 

The return of Tanning Tech in October also means the return of exhibitors from the leather chemical segment. Moving Simac to October has had no obvious negative repercussions.

One important new feature is the duration of Simac and Tanning Tech, reduced for the first time ever to three days. On the other hand, the opening hours have been extended by 30 minutes, from 09.00-18.30 every day.

So far, exhibitors from 22 countries have applied, confirming the international dimension of this event.

Despite the continuing international changes in the 'geography' of the manufacturing and semi-finished product industries, Simac and Tanning Tech has reaffirmed its international leadership and continues to play a key role in the scenario of trade fairs of technology for the leathergoods industry for two main reasons:

  • At almost all the stands the machines being presented are actually running, so that it is easier to demonstrate their effectiveness and worth.

  • The machinery and plant exhibited at Simac and Tanning Tech comply 100% with current safety standards and environmental requirements, reflecting extremely strict international laws.

On the website of the two events, and a preliminary list of the exhibitors is already available.

As far as visitors to the fair are concerned, they have been selected by means of systematic, in-depth market research. At the beginning of September, they will receive customized ID cards and a preliminary exhibitors' catalogue. Things are looking good since requests for accreditation for admission to the event have already started to arrive.

Numerous delegations are expected to attend the fair, but the number of countries of origin has yet to be worked out.

Finally, we would like to remind you that, on the first day of the fair, samples of the new products being presented by companies exhibiting at Simac and Tanning Tech will be available for the Press.

for further details please contact:


National Association of Italian Manufacturers of 
Footwear, Leather goods and Tannery Machines
Via Matteotti, 4/A - P. O. Box 73 - 27029 Vigevano (PV) 
Tel. +39-0381-78883 r. a. Fax +39-0381-88602


Copyright (c). ASSOMAC. All rights reserved 

Posted on 25 July, 2008

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The first news about SIMAC and TANNING TECH