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The Appliance of Science - Ancaplast Seminar on new materials at APLF

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The Appliance of Science - Ancaplast Seminar on new materials at APLF
Press Release from APLF

Hong Kong, 04 June 2008
Natural fibers and materials, such as leather, have dominated the fashion industry in the past but they are getting more scarce and ever more expensive. The industry is looking to technology to help them overcome this problem. The future is for man-made materials developed through technology. This will take centre stage in all industry sectors, and especially in the field of fashion.

As an example, technology has been pivotal in developing so-called 'imitation leather' to become a material in its own right. But 'imitation leather' should really be called a new material, not imitation this or that. Man-made materials generally have made great strides within the past few years.

adelmo borsaniEssentially, this was the theme of a seminar by Adelmo Borsani, vice-president of the Italian company Ancaplast, during the recent APLF - Materials, Manufacturing & Technology (MM&T) and Fashion Access exhibitions in Hong Kong. Over the course of his hour-long talk he described how technology can make non-woven microfiber practically indistinguishable from genuine leather.

Established in 1982 Ancaplast has devoted a division to the research & development of new materials for fashion, exploring new solutions to express fashion through coating, embossing, printing, lamination, transfer printing, metallic foils, special finishing etc. all through technology.

Mr Borsani gave examples of some new materials developed by the clever use of technology and which could not be created by natural materials alone.

ancaplast present trends at mm&t 2008- SPARKLING DENIM is a denim fabric transfer coated on a special release paper with holographic effect.

- COLOUR SPOTTED SUEDE is a perforated non-woven microfibre printed with a white patterned gloss film. The treated microfibre is bonded onto a multicolour fabric; hence the perforation reveals the multi-colour of the substrate layer.

- NEW TECHNIQUES is a technical artificial leather, obtained by coating expanding polyurethane resins on release paper, post-embossed to obtain a 'double embossing' effect.

- 100% PU is made from a solvent-less "eco-process". A special polyurethane NWF is first bonded onto a Lycra fabric and then embossed by hot cylinder engraved with a round pattern. During the embossing process, a two-colour effect is provided where the PU NWF touches the hot cylinder.

- ART GALLERY is resulted from direct finishing. An artificial leather sample is plated for 'false-creased' effect. Then the sample is top printed and laminated with gloss patterned transfer foil.

- SWOLLEN is a coagulated base first laminated with a clear dots transfer foil, then laminated with a metal bronze transfer foil.

Ancaplast issue various types of Fashion & Technology Books of innovative artificial leather prototypes with formulation and know-how. They have been very successful in expanding their business from Europe to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, USA and are now venturing into China.

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Posted on 23 July, 2008

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23 July 2008

The Appliance of Science - Ancaplast Seminar on new materials at APLF