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The launch of a new leather and footwear sector Fair in India - fMM&T

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fMM&T - The Right Fair, in the Right Place, at the Right Time
Source: APLF Ltd.

29 April, 2009
Come and see for yourself: The launch of a new leather and footwear sector Fair in India - fMM&T

Often forgotten is that even in the midst of global economic downturn business continues: traders trade, manufacturers manufacture, and buyers buy. Trade exhibitions perform that vital role of bringing all parties together under one roof, an opportunity to see what is new, view developing trends and keep abreast of industry news and gossip.

Enter APLF in the India market, the exhibition organisers behind the highly successful MM&T materials and leather fair in Hong Kong currently in its 25th year.

Some will tell you that this is the worst possible time to launch another leather and footwear sector exhibition. They’re wrong: and just how wrong will become apparent May 8 - 10, with the inaugural launch of Footwear Materials, Manufacturing & Technology (fMM&T).

The footwear manufacturing sector in India is enormous, topping out at over US$5 billion annually, second only to that of China, but is oftentimes overlooked both as a potential production base and a retail market. Perhaps even more telling is that growth in the sector is estimated to grow at some 10% annually

Such is precisely the view of the Indian Footwear Components Manufacturers Association (IFCOMA) who believe their members produce a superb range of products but few buyers - both domestic and international - knew about them. The Association played a major role in helping launch this event.

The exhibition is well supported, by IFCOMA itself, and also the Council of Leather Exports (CLE), the Indian Shoe Federation and Agra Footwear Manufacturers & Exports Chamber. The location, Greater Noida, New Delhi, carries a heavy concentration of Indian footwear manufacturers.

Exhibitors at fMM&T will be displaying a complete range of products, including leather, high performance fabrics, finishing chemicals & dyes, shoe machinery equipment & tools, CAD-CAM design, supply chain software and related services.

Buyers will likely meet many potential suppliers whom they were previously unaware of. The targeted buyer profile includes manufacturers of footwear, leather garments, handbags, leather goods, travelware, designers, brand owners, importers & exporters, distributors of leather materials and product developers.

Participants at this first event will include international exhibitors from (such as) Brazil, China, Italy, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Most encouraging for a brand new exhibition the prestigious Spanish Tanners Association (ACEXPIEL) will have their own pavilion: which, including ACEXPIEL themselves, will show products from Miret & Cia, Curtidos Badia, Caster, and Rocapiel.

Rocapiel issued a clear statement saying “The potential of India as a market has always been most attractive, and having the chance to present our products in what is going to be a highly professional event makes it that more interesting. We shall present our company as a reliable supplier and partner of a wide range of semi processed hides and crust for the footwear & leather goods manufactured companies at fMM&T.”

ACEXPIEL declared, “India is strategic for the Spanish Tanners as it is an important emerging market that seeks quality, creativity and expertise. “We attend with a high level of optimism. By being present at fMM&T we hope to increase tighten our commercial relationships”.

Curtidos Badia say the company will present a wide range of fine leathers, as supplied to top brand clients for shoes, handbags, saddlery and leathergoods.

Following the exhibition there will be a 1-day visit to local footwear factories in Agra.

Footwear Materials, Manufacturing & Technology (fMM&T) runs May 8 - 10, 2009 at the India Expo Centre, Expo XX1, Greather Noidia, New Delhi, India.


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Posted on 29 Apr, 2009

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The launch of a new leather and footwear sector Fair in India - fMM&T