Full Body Harness

Allen Cooper SH-FBH 24 Full Body Harness with Twisted Rope Lanyard, One side loop and other side Sca

Brand Name :     Allen Cooper

Model Number :   1011030_FBH24_TRL206

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​​​​​​​Allen Copper is the Flagship brand of Superhouse Group which is proud to introduce an innovative & complete fall protection equipment range, designed with the user in mind. A full body harness is the ideal body wear that should be worn by a worker, when working at height, since it distributes the force of impact incurred in the even of a fall evenly on the thighs and torso region of the body. Superhouse manufactures a wide range of Full body harness, made of high tenacity polyester webbing. Since polyester webbing has the least elongation properties as compared to other materials, the harness does not stretch dangerously when subjected to fall. The wearer hence does not risk slipping out of the harness. Equipped with the finest ergonomics and technically sound features, our Full Body Harnesses are the best choice for comfortable and safe usage for work at height.

  • 1 Chest attachment D-iIng and A Dorsal Attachment D-Ring for Fall Arrest
  • Shoulder and thigh-straps diffrentiated by dual colour scheme
  • Ergonomics - Ideally positioned sit-strap for extended comfort
  • Adjustable chest & thigh-straps
  • Full Body Harness, EN 361:2002
  • Harness does not stretch dangerously when subjected to fall. Wearer does not risk slipping out of the harness
  • Load Capacity   100 KG

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