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LE CUIR A PARIS: The Summer 2009 Trends in Avant Premiere

Fashion and Trends > Le Cuir A Paris' Summer 2009 Trends

Summer 2009

The Summer 2009 Trends in Avant-Premiere

LE CUIR A PARIS, internationally recognised for the richness of the materials on offer and as a real work tool, presents you in avant-première the trends’ themes for summer 2009 which will be developed in the next edition of the show from19th to 22nd February 2008. 

Narcissistic, troubled, joyful, unbridled, concentrated, serene ,defined by frame on mind, submerged in colour, buffeted by our ups and downs, seeking balance, we let ourselves go with our moods.

In Love, Monastic, Carefree, Insouciant, Turbulent, Vert, Bleu

The colours of love, shades of pink and faded lilac, whisper their heady melody. Photo stories nostalgically display their recoloured images and their quirky gaze.

Milky Colours
The cold feel of porcelain and plastic, the slight roughness of biscuit, the polished touch of marble. Blistered surfaces, flocked, suede, shiny patent, smooth mother of pearl, matt crepe, cracked leather. Floral prints, figurative drawings, light satins, silent nylons.

We protect ourselves from the sun in the shade of high walls, to meditate on timeless elegance, smock our cambric blouses, sprinkle our loaf of bread with white flour and doze on a haystack. 

Nordic colors, fjord light, whiteness on his Sunday best.
Stained woods, blond, smooth leathers, straw marquetry, classic grains, light waffling. Religious folds, broderie anglaise, fresh lawn, plaster. Leather and fabrics, strong and ascetic. Micro-designs, washed hide and hemps, worn chambray, linen, raw silk. Leathers and vegetable fibers, simple nylon, heavy canvas, ticking. Tiny geometric laser perforations. Hand finished ennobling and coating

Free from all restrictions, bathed in colour, we proclaim clashing combinations, carelessly strewn cartoon colours, romantic fantasy, ironic eroticism. 

Bright Colours

Postmodernism, fragmented geometry. Freestyle, quirky 3D, utopian architecture. Uninhibited leathers and technical textiles, mathematical fantasy.

A psychedelic surge, a concentric movement which kaleidoscopes colours. White makes black, purple clashes with acid. 

Vibrant Colours

Tentacular shapes, crazy prints, irregular weaves, giant braids. Tropical madras, changing leathers, giant Hawaiian motifs. Printed leathers, enhanced Provencal cretonne, Indiennes. Accumulation of designs and folklores.

Extreme fusion, baroque becomes fantastic. A hybrid exoticism is born. Graphic and venomous, its renews its links with eccentricity, evokes voodoo ceremonies, blends western influences and capitalizes on the eastern.

Oily, muddy, precious, tones.

Animal designs, giraffe prints, animal skins, elephant, reptile. Beetle skins, chameleon. Colour carpets, geometric kilims, Bedouin blankets, false camouflage. Arid, wild fabrics, oiled cottons, noisy embroideries

This modest gardener, eccentric green, passionate about his herbarium, accumulates small flowers and collects graminaceae. Influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, the poetry of packaging, myth of the hut, myth of the desert island and the friendly native.

Naive and refreshing colours.
Fibres which are good for you, recycled, organic motifs. Leaf veins and wood rings, shell strata, microstructures. Jellyfish, sea sponge, smooth mother of pearl, seaweed, bamboo, hevea, ginger root, wicker, cork. Brown paper, raw cardboard, cellophane threads 

Enter the blue, consensual and serene blue, blue wave, a touch of the blues. Blue flower, bluebird, blue dream. Grey blue, joyful blues, undersea blue, antique blue.

Delphes, hebros, Égée, thétys, Éole.

All aspects, all types of decoration on ceramic feel. Azuleros, enamels, watercolours, ikat, tie and dye, artisan weaving. Traditional Japanese and Indonesian decorations.

Download Colour Card for Summer 2009

LE CUIR A PARIS : 19 - 22 Feb. 2008
Parc des expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte, Hall 4

To receive high definition video, color map and other information:
Erica Caron  Tel : + 33 (0)1 43 59 89 44

LE CUIR A PARIS is a trade show organized by:

105 rue du Fbg Saint Honore
75373 Paris Cedex 08 France
Tel: +33 (0)1 43 59 05 69 Fax: + 33 (0)1 43 59 30 02

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LE CUIR A PARIS: The Summer 2009 Trends in Avant Premiere