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LE CUIR A PARIS: Autumn - Winter Trends 2009/10 in Avant-Première

Fashion and Trends > Le Cuir A Paris' Autumn Winter 2009/10 Trends

Autumn/Winter 2009/2010

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Le Cuir A Paris: Autumn Winter 2009/10 Trends

LE CUIR A PARIS : Autumn - Winter Trends 2009/10 in Avant Premiere
LE CUIR A PARIS, present you herewith, in avant-première, the trends that will mark leather fashion for autumn/winter 2009-2010. Moods, forms and colours will go hand-in-hand with materials.

« Metamorphosis »
“A complete change of form, structure, or substance, as transformation by magic or witchcraft. Any complete change in appearance, character, circumstances.” (Collins English Dictionary, millennium edition). 

A strange Gallery of Evolution where we find, in no particular order: gargoyles and geological strata, skeletons of prehistoric animals, striae of poisonous toadstools, the skin of a frog who wanted to be as big as an ox, a rough toad transformed into a gentle prince charming, lead changed to gold, shimmering mermaid tails, shiny scales of sea eels, gelatinous jelly fish, the rustling fabric of dresses and the heavy drapes of haunted castles. A good witch and a bad fairy have cast a spell. As a result, materials and colours have invaded our world, leaving us:

Enchanted, Spellbound, Petrified, Animated, Inspired

Enchanted - trends 2009/10

Early November, a downy fog enshrouds the leaden quays of the city. The silky fur of a cat electrifies the palm of a gloved hand. The studied chaos of a boudoir disturbs the subtle luxury of a hotel room. In the heart of the English countryside, tangled brambles and branches expose the fate of a haunted manor.

enchanted colours

Spellbound - trends 2009/10

Expressions are extravagant, exaggerated, underlined: eyes smudged with black, lashes like butterfly wings, full and flamboyant hair. Accessories, hairstyles and makeup play it borderline, flirting with fancy dress. In a quest exacerbated by the desire to stand out, our games 
with decoration verge on decadence.

Spellbound colours

Petrified - trends 2009/10

Fabrics create a strange scene, peopled with animalmen, a winter garden, an aquatic jungle. Stone fish, bindweed, water insects seem to have escaped from prehistoric imagery. Weeping willows lean over waterfalls. Grasses and stones drift along the riverbed and cover the speckled skins of frogs.

Petrified colours

Animated - trends 2009/10

Technology brings us together and isolates us. Superheroes flirt with characters from fairy stories. Pinocchio plays with Superman. Harlequin doesn’t care about sportswear. Red has hints of turquoise. Virtual images take their place in cartoons. Photographs are animated. Sculpture inspires video.

Animated colours

Inspired - tyrends 2009/10

Trying to get our bearings. Revisiting places from our childhood where we were all together: churches, school canteens, libraries. We list the noble materials of ancestral sports: polo, horse riding, rugby, hunting. We make allusion to uniforms, winter sailor top, soldier’s greatcoat, stripes and medals. We reinvent the urban worker, a modern-day pioneer who
reinvigorates the classic codes.

Inspired colours

Download Colour Card with the Pantone references for Autumn Winter 2009/10

Over 340 exhibitors will be presenting their new collections in the next edition of LE CUIR A PARIS to
be held next 23-26 September 2008 in the hall 4 of Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Park.

To receive high definition video, color map and other information:
Erica Caron  Tel : + 33 (0)1 43 59 89 44

LE CUIR A PARIS is a trade show organized by:

105 rue du Fbg Saint Honore
75373 Paris Cedex 08 France
Tel: +33 (0)1 43 59 05 69 Fax: + 33 (0)1 43 59 30 02

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LE CUIR A PARIS: Autumn - Winter Trends 2009/10 in Avant-Première